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Family Experiences at The Orlando Eye
Only $6.00 Per Person

Experience the Wonder of the Carousel

Add a visit to the spectacular Carousel on the Promenade! This 36-foot, hand-crafted masterpiece features detailed carvings and 30 figures of animals including horses, reindeer, rabbits, zebras and more! The Carousel on the Promenade features two chariot benches, making it suitable for guests of all ages and accessible for people with disabilities. 

Enjoy a fun-filled ride on our stunning grand carousel with beautiful, sparkling lights while you go round and round!  

The History of the Carousel

All carousels are created to have one figure that stands out from the rest – the lead horse. According to carousel legend, the lead horse is always the biggest and most decorative. At the Carousel on the Promenade, the lead is a Spillman Fairy Horse named after Herschell Spillman, the craftsman who carved the original Fairy Horse from wood in the late 1890s.